Sunday, August 26, 2012

***3 Years Post Bi-Lateral Knee Surgery and Great Waves in Nicaragua!!!

Photo 1 - Southwest Nicaragua July 8, 2012; waves 6-7 at 15 seconds! The more southerly sets were bigger and really lined-up on the rights...some freight-trains that day...

Photo 2 - Southwest Nicaragua July 8, 2012; waves 6-7 at 15 seconds! FYI...riding an 8'6" Pearson Arrow HP longboard on this wave.

Time for another update post (actual 3 years post surgery was on July 27, 2012).

What can I say...check out the photos! My last update from October, 2011 pretty much sums it up. All I can say is that I'm so knees/legs and rest of my body are all working great!

...and yep, I'm still counting...274 surf sessions post surgery as of yesterday (8-25-12).


  1. Hey Tango,

    I'm 47 and my knees are gone. I'm distraught, not sure if I can go on with all the pain and rehab. You may be the only person I've ever see who has had more surgery than me. I read what people write on the net about what they can and can't do after TKR. Some people say that all they can do is ride a stationary bike post TKR? I need to surf again. I need to bike. I need to travel. Based on what you're saying, I guess that's all possible? Do you have issues with any other joints? I've got shoulder and hip issues but knees are by far the worst and I've been feeling pretty hopeless. Your new Nica photos give me hope.

  2. Wow Tango! It’s really great that you are able to a lot of cool activities such as surfing even if you underwent knee surgery. You didn’t let the surgery stop you from doing great things. I think that you may serve as an inspiration to other people.

    Sienna Christie