Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cruisin!!! 3 Months Post Bi-Lateral Total Knee Replacement - Surfs Up!

That's Me.... (I first rode my bike at 9 weeks post op; see details of progress at bottom of this post)

That's My Bike...

That's My Left Knee at 9 weeks (distorted perspective view with phone cam; the knee is not swollen; needs some calf work though)

That's My Right Knee at 9 weeks (distorted perspective view with phone cam; the knee is not swollen)

That's THE View...Can you see Morro Rock in the distance? On a side note: Morro Rock (San Luis Obispo County, CA) is the western-most in a series of "volcanic stacks" that trend from the coast in Morro Bay into San Luis Obispo about 15 miles to the east. These "stacks" are the remnant resistant interiors of extinct volcanoes; the less resistant exteriors have long since worn away, but the "volcano" shape still remains in some cases.

OK...Here's a close-up of the "Rock" (650 feet high)

THE Knees at 12 weeks ... check out those quads; still got a ways to go, but making progress!


THE Knees at 12 weeks....(shows old ACL reconstruction scars on right knee)

Watch the Video (above) to check out the product (MAX-GXL) that I've been using for past 1 3/4 years to reduce inflammation, pain, and increased energy and why I've been healing so well; aside from my faith in God and a great surgeon!!! (Watch this Video with Dr. Daria Davidson).... I first mentioned the incredible benefits of MAX-GXL, the Glutathione Accelerator, in my first post (see July 26, 2009 post). For more information, please visit: (watch the video on front of web page then click on products - Max-GXL).

OK...You gotta see this (above)!  Are you an Athlete?, then watch what MAX-GXL does for Bill Gillespie, former strength and conditioning coach for the Seattle Seahawks, current world record holder in the bench press!!! Amazing!

Well I was riding the stationary bike in Physical Therapy, so I figured why be confined; so I jumped on my mountain bike and rode to the top of the hill by my house. After all, I gotta check the surf, right !!! Note that the bicycling pictures were taken 3 weeks ago; so at 9 weeks post surgery I started riding the bike....awesome!

I'm down to 1 day/week on Physical Therapy now with a few more sessions to go, but I joined the local Gym (Los Osos Fitness) so that I can successfully continue my rehab. During the last PT visit on Monday, my flexion was 136 and 133 degrees, in my left and right knees, respectively!!!

Because I had both knees rebuilt at the same time and because my knees/legs had been deteriorating for sometime prior to surgery (see first post and x-rays; July 27, 2009), my legs started in an atrophied condition. Therefore, I have more muscle mass to build back on to my legs than those with better leg conditioning.

MAJOR Pain Breakthrough. I have not had any major swelling or pain in my knees over the last several weeks!!! Just intermittent healing pains; some associated with possibly over doing it in physical therapy. However, up until about a week ago, I was still having night time sleeping issues and was popping that occasional Vicodin as my knees after a days worth of activity were still letting me know that some healing was going on. But, starting last week, I've been taking a couple of Advil before bedtime, and am sleeping relatively well!
Peace be with You!



  1. I just wanted to post a quick comment- thanks for posting this over on the bone-smart board. I'm "FrogFeathers" over there. I've added you to my "follow" list so I can keep up on your progress. I'm seven-ish months out now and its always good to hear how others are doing. (my recovery has been plodding along in a slow, meandering textbook kind of way).

  2. Right on, Tom!! I'm right there with you. I rode about 20 miles today. There was a bit of stiffness (since my ROM isn't as good as yours) but little pain. I felt really good.

    Your legs look great. Keep up the work in the gym. I'm lifting two or three times a week and riding once a week. I'd ride more, but I'd rather spend my time . . . surfing!

  3. 20 miles on the bike, that's awesome! I also went on hike yesterday, but over did it slightly; some knee pain in right knee and various leg muscles were talking back at me!

    I'd rather spend my time surfing too! Here's my motivation; check out these photos of the "Surf Zone" (where our condo is) in Nicaragua: . The Condo website:

  4. Thanks so much for your inspirational recovery. Sharing the good and bad has really prepared me for my journey.

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