Monday, September 21, 2009

BTKR - 8 Weeks Post Surgery

Lost the last pesky remnant scab and small stitch that was still hanging out on the right knee today. Compare my last blog post knee pics with these...see the difference!

Hey look, my saggy knee skin is clearing up! Amazing what some good physical therapy will do for you! Thanks Audrey, Denise, and Terry (Sunnyside PT and Los Osos Fitness)!!!...and MaxGxl (!!!

Every time I look at my "leg make-over" (straight legs from bowed), I'm totally Stoked, but it freaks me out cause I don't recognize the new look....BUT I CAN WALK..>>THE SURF is coming!!!

....And they bend too! Physical therapy today: Flexion: 133 and 127 degrees in the left and right knees, respectively...Now that's respectable! How far will they go? My extension is Flat on the Mat... at 0 degrees; now that's far enough!

Oh Yeah....This is where my knees belong... Locked in a Room with a View...

...I can drive my Van...whata ya think :0)

OK...I had to post this photo as it is just too cute! This is our very Handsome and very Smart friend Dylan with his friend, Sy....that's nice!

...And Have a Nice and Peaceful Day!



  1. Brother Tom
    The knees look beautiful! Tomorrow is my life changing event. I just hope I do as good as you. I will write when I'm on the other side.

  2. Tom's just showing off!! Once Andrew gets his done, then we can all compare our scars.

    Rock on, Tom!!! Good luck, Andrew!

  3. So glad to have found you and to see and read about your progress. My day is Oct. 13, I am counting on riding my Shadow in May, and golfing and horseback riding and and and.......well as long as I can get up from the table without falling over, I'll take it...

  4. Hi Christine, Glad to meet you! You will be able to do all that you dream and more with the new knee! Welcome to our TKR brother/sisterhood!!! Nice Ride!

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