Thursday, August 20, 2009

YES - I'm a Happy Camper!!! 3 1/2 Weeks Post Surgery

YES, I'm a happy camper...I've got new knees and a whole new outlook! Kawabunga...Surf On! Thank You Lord!

Do I look taller...??? The answer is Yes, by about 1/2 inch! 6' 1/2"

Look Ma, no staples, no steri-strips...just a little scab action on the right knee :0) 3 weeks and 3 days post surgery!

...and the Close-UP. Man, I need to bulk up those leg muscles! Note that the swelling is way down in both knees; thanks to MAX GXL (

Physical Therapy yesterday (8-19-09): 125 and 110 degrees flexion in left and right knees, respectively! Road bicycle and the eliptical machine (frontward and backward), and balanced on disk while throwing ball at bouncy backstop (no gum chewing though).

Have a Peaceful Day!



  1. Whaa-hoo Tom! Way to go! Loving this story as it unfolds. Can't wait for the day you post new surfing pictures on this blog!


  2. Excellent!!! You look like a happy camper. Believe it or not, it keeps getting better and better. Just think of how good we'll feel a year from now!!!

    Keep up the good work, Tom!

  3. Man 120 and 110, riding the bike after three weeks you're a stud! You'll be riding the waves sooner than you think. Big surf coming this weekend. Check out my new posting on my blog. Big Bill is going to give us X2 overhead waves on Sunday. My last hurrah! Keep up the good work. The pain is out of your face.
    P.S. My Doc recommended MAX GXL!

  4. P.S.S. I'm a fellow Scorpio Nov 10 I'll be 53. I knew we had a connection. Very cool.

  5. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for sharing the blog and the smile. WHat a surf stud recovery! Inspiring. Maybe I should pick up some MAX GXL and put my longboard in my room to aid my recovery!
    SB Mike

  6. Tom,
    Glad to hear/see that you are doing so well!
    We miss the mime act out here.

    Stay well,


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