Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tom's New Knees - Triathlon® Knee by Stryker

Here they are!!! Installed on July 27, 2009.

I saw my new Physical Therapist (Sherman) and Dr. Reyes today. Both Sherman and Dr. Reyes were pleased with my progress! I'll be blogging out more details tomorrow about the last few days, but for now.....

I left Physical Therapy today with flexion of 90 degrees on my right knee and 95 degrees on my left knee; my extension hit 0 degrees! I've met these 2-week goals within 9 days post-Op. Staples come out next Wednesday...then can I surf??? Oh yea, the shower is first in line :0)

I want to thank my wonderful wife Annie for taking care of me!!!

Peace to you All!



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  2. Triathlon knee should give you ~150 degrees of flexion after physical therapy is completed. It sounds like you're doing great post-op! Congrats!

    For more info on the Triathlon Knee System, check out Triathlon Knee System on AboutStryker