Friday, August 7, 2009

Not Just Another BTKR...We're Talking About an Extreme Leg Make-Over - from Bowed to Straight - WOW!

Tom's Leg Orientation Pre - BTKR (July 27, 2009 - just before going to hospital)

Tom's Leg Orientation Post - BTKR (August 6, 2009 - 10 days post surgery)


Yep, those leg shots above are my legs, I can barely believe it. I'm truly amazed and very thankful! As you see from the pre-surgery photo (above) and the pre-surgery x-rays (in 7-26-09 post), that my walking days were going downhill fast.

When "they" say, wait as long as you can before getting TKR, well I did and wore down a centimeter of bone on each knee in the process. I'm glad it's done; I'm excited and looking at life in a whole different way now. I'm looking at surfing beyond knee braces!!!

My recommendation to anyone that is waiting for TKR and that has severe osteoarthritis, pain, instability, etc., that is hindering your life.....don't wait, get the surgery done now so that you can enjoy your life now!

Physical Therapy

PT was good today! This is my second outpatient visit with Sherman, he's da man! and know's what it takes to beat the 120 degree Flexion - Scar Tissue race. The goal is to get to at least 120 degrees of flexion in both knees prior to 6 weeks Post Surgery.

Well Sherman worked me today, in a good way. My left knee has 105 degrees of flexion, while my right knee just made it to 95 degrees today. Last Wednesday (8-5-09) the flexion readings were 95 and 90 degrees, for the left and right knees, respectively. My wife Annie and I were so pleased with the PT results, that we went to Costco and bought a new doggie bed for our old dog Bob. Bob has been hanging and watching over me during my recovery; he's a good boy (shephard - border collie mix) While in Costco, I was again riding one of those electric shopping carts; great fun, a little bit slow though with some knee pain to boot.

I'm pretty much taking it easy otherwise, the Doctor wants me to minimize my "walking" time; right now it's all about "Range of Motion"! case you were wondering, I do have knee/leg pain, mostly related to being on my feet, but still need to regulated when horizontal with pain meds.

A big breakthrough came earlier this week on Tuesday morning. As you recall, I left the hospital last Saturday (8-1-09) after an active day. Well, Saturday evening and all day Sunday and Monday, it felt like my shin and calf muscles had been ripped with extreme shin splnts on top of that; It was hard to bare weight on those legs at all and I was hesitant about getting to my feet. If fact it took 2 trys; stand up first time to let all blood rush to my knee/lower leg areas; sit down to let pain equalize; then stand up again. So, Tuesday morning rolled around and that severe pain was gone. Thank God!



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  1. Damn Tom, that's amazing! My legs look the same. Looking forward to the straight tibia...