Tuesday, August 4, 2009


One Week Beyond Surgery

I’m Back……at home that is! And I have Two New Knees (one per leg :o) and Two Straight Legs! Remember how bowed my knees used to be (see X-Ray from previous post); Well, now my knees touch each other when standing with heals together….Yes! I will be posting X-Rays of my NEW knees on Wednesday, stay tuned.

WOW, what an adventure this BTKR thing is. I’m VERY pleased with my “make-over”.

I was in the hospital for 6 days (Monday through Saturday 7-27–09 to 8-1-09). This was a major operation, especially with two knees. Post OP Pain Levels have ranged between 0 (low pain) and 10 (severe pain) , mostly dependent on body position, activity, and drug state. Current pain levels with legs elevated is kept at 0 -3 but has gone up to 5. Most pain is during initial and/or prolonged standing (blood rushing down to knee area) and during work outs (pushing the flexion limits; although this is a Good pain :o).

I currently have about 90 degrees of flexion in my left knee and 83 in my right knee; and can straighten both legs while doing stationary leg lifts. I upgraded my walking equipment from a “walker” to crutches on Monday morning (8-3-09, way more mobile). But I have Ye Ole Walker in the room… just in case I need to take it for a spin :o). I went from dangling my legs over the edge of the hospital bed to walking the complete 680 foot length of the rectangular hallway and walking the stairs on Saturday! Yeah, real stairs! And on my way home on Saturday we stopped by Safeway for supplies: I’ve always wanted to ride one of those electric shopping carts, so I did!!! I was cruising in Safeway….that was fun :o).

Except for Monday – Wednesday, I have continued to take MAX GXL (http://www.BeWell123.com) which appears to be assisting positively with my recovery so far …stay tuned !
Regular Physical Therapy starts on Wednesday (8-5-09). Next Doctor Appointment is also on Wednesday.

And remember, it’s all about the Bowel Movement in Hospital Circles ….you’ve never been so open about your BMs…it’s amazing :0)


Monday (7-27-09): Surgery day!!!
• Check into hospital at 6:30 am, back in room by 2:00 pm after recovery; not feeling to bad at this point
• Covered with mega blankets and feeling like I couldn’t move
• Sat at side of bed with legs dangling over edge….yeah, that really happened, but definitely not my choices
• Anesthesia: Epidural catheter remained in my back until Friday morning; but stopped pushing the pump Thursday at 6:30 pm. Pain killer cocktail absorbs through outer sheath of spinal cord; inserted adjacent to upper spine area
• Small appetite: water, ice, gelatin, soup)

Tuesday (7-28-09) – Wednesday (7-29-09): Gnarly Recovery Days!!!
• Days of adjustment, discomfort, and pain.
• Stood Up at bedside each day with walker; shuffled to the right then back to the left again; light headedness and drop of BP upon standing
• Stood a little bit longer on Wednesday than on Tuesday
• Groggy from medication
• No appetite: water, ice, gelatin, soup

Thursday (7-30-09): Break Through Day!!!
• Adjusting medications; using Percocet (1-2 tabs every 4 hours as needed)
• Stood up and walked (2-stepped with walker) a total of about 180 lineal feet; between bathroom, window, and hallway
• Sat in chair; ate dinner with feet down on floor and/or on foot stool
• Small to moderate appetite
• Resumed Max GXL (http://www.BeWell123.com)

Friday (7-31-09): More Food and Distance!!!
• Stood up and walked (regular steps with walker) a total of about 1,400 lineal feet; Two laps around rectangular main hallway of 7th floor (morning and afternoon PT; Got to say Hi to everybody)!!!
• Sat in chair: ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner with feet down on floor and/or on foot stool
• Big appetite: ate 3 full meals

Saturday (8-1-09): Discharge Day and Stairs!!!
• Walked a hallway lap
• Walked up and down stairs (in stairwell) with handrail without walker, about two-thirds of one flight!!! Yeah, that happened!
• Stood at rail in hallway without walker; under PT supervision and did some small squats and toe raises
• Big appetite
• Discharged at 2 pm from Hospital
• Stopped at store for supplies; this is when I drove the electric shopping cart in Safeway (hand-controlled throttle, in case you were wondering)
• Back at home…!

Sunday (8-2-09): Recovery Day
Oh man, I think I over did it yesterday. My knees, shins and all other leg parts are hurting. Needed to do some pain medication adjustments; Still taking MAX GXL as it is aiding my recovery.

Stay Tuned for more. Post Op X-Rays will be up by Wednesday evening. It's a beautiful day... Peace and God Bless!



  1. I never did try out one of those motorized carts at the grocery store. Now I'm way past the point where I could justify doing so. Another missed opportunity!

    Rock on, Tom!! It must feel great not to have the bowed legs anymore. Thankfully, I got mine done before it was started to really change my leg.

  2. Tom
    Sounds like you are doing unreal for having BKR. Can't say I'm looling forward to my TKR but reading your and Surfsister's blogs eases my mind. I just feel like every four years since I'm 18 I am rehabing some part of my body. THR 4 years ago, 4 knee surgeries starting in 1975 freshman year college football, and an ankle reconstruction, ugh...I hope this will be it for a while! Keep on keepin on and I know you'll be back in the water before you know it.
    You guys are the best.
    P.S. I'm am ordering the Max GXL I will let you know how I works on me. Also please send me some info on your spot in Nica. I've never been there. I have a group of guys that go to Central America for the past 20 years. The Big Fish Surf Tour. Maybe we can all meet down there together next year. East Coast meets West Coast. Thanks buddy.