Thursday, August 13, 2009

Staples are Out - But No Shower Until Friday

First thing in the morning yesterday (Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2009), I went to Physical Therapy, where Sherman, my PT, proceeded to WORK my knees! PT included riding the elliptical machine, lifting weights, and Stretching/Bending to break down that scar tissue and increase my Range of Motion. Flexion after PT on Wednesday was 110-112 degrees in my left knee and 103-104 degrees in my right knee. I'm pleased with these results so far. I use crutches for assistance but was practicing walking in PT without the crutches!

Later in the afternoon yesterday, I visited my Knee Doctor (Dr. Reyes)for my 2 week post-surgery check-up. Dr. Reyes was pleased with my progress! All 40 of my suture-staples were removed, but were then replaced with steri-strips (see photo) as final back-up to assure complete closure of the incisions. SO NOW....SHOWER ON FRIDAY!!! Note the lovely Anti-Embolism socks for prevention of blood clots; I have to wear these for 6 weeks.

I am still working through various pain levels, but pain levels, movement, and walking are getting better!

I hope to be riding the bicycle by next week!

Have a Nice Day!



  1. Hey Tom
    Lookin good! What's with the staples on the right knee lateral side?

  2. Hey Fish! There was a staple that had to be removed as it was in the way for the TKR. The staple was from the tibial osteotomy that I had back in 1984; check out the X-Ray that I posted on 7-26-09, the staple along with some ACL screws are visible.