Thursday, January 28, 2010

Total Knee Replacement- Both Knees - Same Time - 6 months Post Surgery- YAAAH000!!!

"Ocean View from Cliff" - Annie Bauman -

Happy New Year and Blessings to all!

I'm So Stoked!  at 6 months post Bi-Lateral Total Knee Replacement (BTKR)!

Today was my 10th surf session and the 3rd time this week (Monday, Wednesday, and Thusday) on the new knees (see previous post for first surf session at 4 months 3 weeks).  Surf ranged between 5 and 8 foot faces with plenty o juice.  Each day the wind was offshore in the morning and sunny! Got a bunch of long rides with plenty to test me, both mentally and physically... my confidence has been pretty good the last 2 days, big turns, cutbacks and banking off the lip!  My arms and lungs were hanging in there too, after diving under a few and making consecutive long paddle-back-outs.  Still riding the 8'6" Pearson Arrow HP longboard.

Not only is surfing awesome, but just being able to walk and hike without pain and instability is a miracle (thank you God!).

My knees/legs are getting stronger and my flexion is good at about 130 on right knee and 138 degrees on the left (last checked about 6 weeks ago).  I'm still fully rehabing my legs at both the gym and home; also added upper body workout for strength and conditioning. I still continue to push the knee flexion, which still hurts when pushing it a little to far, but it is helping; can really tell when popping up on my board.  I spend a lot of time balancing, both on a "Bosu" and a smaller "Cando" version, which definitely helps keep all the nerves and muscles firing in each leg.  The "Perfect Push-Ups" are great for a quick upper body work out at home. MaxGXL continues to give my body and cells "healing power", strengh, and energy!

Hey....who knows the possiblities with these high-tech bionic knees...maybe I can go from my 8'6' to a 5'7" swallow tail, like Tom Curren did while surfing Bawa, Sumatra in 1996 ;+)... check it out:

Ok,  thats it for now...

Peace Out!


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