Sunday, July 25, 2010

UPDATE!!! One Year Since My Knee Replacement(s)!!!

OK...It's about time I updated this blog.  So here it is, my 1-year post-op knee replacement report (actually my exact surgery date was 7-27-2009).  I'm stoked!

Where I'm at:
  • One of the best decisions I've ever made (although I didn't really have a choice - look at my first blog post); my knees/legs are 95% better than they use to be; I've seriously been physically reborn
  • no more knee braces
  • 55 surf sessions as of 7-23-2010 since I got back on my board post-op on 12-20-09
  • 3 rounds of golf
  • 1 bowling session (3 games)
  • a lot of bicycle riding
  • a lot of hiking
  • many trips to the gym
  • it's all about rehab
  • range of motion: right knee:130 degrees flexion, 0 degrees extension; left knee 138 degrees flexion; 0 degrees extension (left knee works a tad better that the right knee, but to be expected as right knee has had more previous surgery
  • normal "clicking" from implant pieces 
  • pain: none to minor; some from right knee during max flexion, also some random right shin sensation, infrequent random spot/phantom pain in general knee areas
  • stability: excellent; I feel strong and confident with most activities; upon hyper-flexion of my right knee, sometime have slight shift in knee compartment (slight popping sensation- but no big deal)
  • health products: Max-GXL and Max-Nfuse ( - clean cellular health with increased Glutathione
Many thanks to God, my Family, my Friends my Docs and Associated Medical Support, my Physical Therapists, my Dogs and Cat....the Ocean!

My surgery was done very very well by a great Doc and his team, my new knees/legs are awesome; but if you want to heal, progress, and accomplish more, you got to keep: rehabbing, moving, bending, stretching, eating well, having a positive outlook, and having the faith!

Kawabunga, Keep on Truckin, and if you're going to have total knee joint replacement surgery..."why do just one, go for the gusto and getum both done"'s all about balance baby (I'm just having some fun here...or am I :+)

Please call, email, skype, or post to this blog for additional info.

phone: 888-828-8884
skype: tangobravo77

Peace, Love, and God Bless!


P.S. >>>> Surf Nicaragua:


  1. Tango my brother!
    Looking good!!!!! I'm doing fantabulous too. Hey give me a call when you get a chance. Let's catch up. Hey are u on Facebook?

  2. It sounds like we're all doing well. Yay for the bionic life!

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  4. Always nice to see people recover that fast! Cheers to your new knee. Tim @ Topamax Birth Defect Lawyer